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Commercial Roof Cleaning in Dorset

We service many different companies and sectors in the south. We really enjoy working with commercial unit owners, estate agents, developers, letting agents, property stock holding companies, and property management companies to name a few.

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The main commercial customers use us for the following areas:


✔ Reduces maintenance time and costs and provides longevity to the roof.

✔ If there are leaks in the roof, sometimes this can be due to a build up of moss and other organic growth which grows in between sheets and absorbs water and then drips it through to the inside of the unit.

✔ Eliminates water damage to the stock held in the warehouse.

✔ Getting organic growth away from the roof allows the roof to get rid of moisture how its designed to.


✔ The look of the roof greatly increases the curb appeal straight away, lifting and framing the property beautifully. 
✔ It tells potential buyers the house has been meticulously maintained adding to peace of mind for buyers.


✔ Damp issues can sometimes be resolved by clearing moss and other organic growth from a roof.
✔ Getting a roof cleared of moss and organic growth can allow the true condition of the roof to be seen and an accurate assessment to be made of what is needed to to keep it working effectively.

✔ Moss can start to grow underneath tiles and start cracking them off and giving an area for driving rain to go through. Moss also blows mortar apart over time via absorbing water and freezing and expanding in winter. Areas where mortar is used can be on ridge tiles, hip tiles, chimney flaunching and verges.

✔ Gutters can get blocked regularly, requiring time to arrange the work and money having the gutter cleared regularly to allow moisture to get away from the property.